5 Reasons It’s Time to update Your Website Design

Blog, Highlighted Articles | February 3, 2022

Your site’s website design has a surprising impact on site traffic, on page metrics, and even whether visitors stick around to learn more about your brand. In this article, we share 5 signs it might be time to update your web design.

  1. A Modern Visual Appeal is More Inviting to Visitors

If your website design is dated—either through an overdesigned approach or with graphics and visuals that are not up to date, you could be setting yourself up for a higher bounce rate. This is because when visitors come to your site for the first time, they are more likely to find the site trustworthy if the information is easy to find and presented in a clean and modern format. If your site does not promote a smooth vertical scrolling experience, for instance, it may be time to update your website design.

  1. Responsive & Mobile Friendly Usability is Key

Updating your website design will give you the opportunity to upgrade your site’s mobile design to the latest standards, which account for users viewing sites on mobile more than 80% of the time depending on the industry. With a slick mobile friendly and responsive site, traffic that comes to your site via smartphones and tablets will have no problem browsing your content, booking appointments, or checking out. If these functionalities are not running smoothly with your current mobile design, it’s time for a refresh.

  1. Call to Actions Take Center Stage

Another reason to update your website design is so that you can incorporate effective calls to action, like pop-up prompts to subscribe to your email list. Whatever you’re promoting, your site design should include several calls to action throughout so that users are prompted to move from consideration to action.

  1. SEO Gets a Makeover

Updating your website creates the perfect opportunity to fine tune your keyword strategy and give your overall SEO approach an overall. Doing this will ensure your site and its content ranks higher in search results and is easier to find.

  1. Speed Up Page Load Time

Finally, updating your website design will allow your designers to optimize your page load times, a factor that can impact the amount of time someone spends on your site. Let’s face it, if a visitor has to wait for a page to load on your current site, they are more likely to bounce off and go find a provider whose experience is fast and seamless.

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