Are You Making These Site Design Mistakes To Your Website?

Blog | February 3, 2022

Maintaining an effective website takes work. Be sure you’re not sabotaging your site’s success by avoiding these common site design mistakes.
Don’t Treat Your Website Like a Billboard in the Desert
There is an old advertising adage that likens websites that lack SEO and other marketing tactics as being at risk for functioning like a billboard in a desert or, in other words, an advertisement that no one will ever see. Ensure your site design incorporates adequate SEO keywords and longtail phrases across your content as well as properly optimized image and file names, so that your site has a better chance of being found and ranking higher in search results.
You Treat Your Site Like a Brochure
Even the best of companies have been guilty of this site design mistake before. Basically, the marketing team works extra hard to churn out a beautiful website but then never updates it, treating it instead like a static brochure that lives online. Instead, website content, including blogs, images, and downloads, should be updated regularly (at least weekly) to get the most out of your site as a hub for your company information and to attract the most relevant traffic.
Overdesign and Animation Overload
While it can be fun to include nifty design tricks like parallax into your site design, including too many animations and interactive features can create a sense of clutter or visual overload to users. Be sure to keep it simple and only include interactivity when it adds value to the experience. Site design best practices are always changing and what worked a few years ago may no longer be relevant. Talk to our team about how we can help bring your site’s look and feel up to date in as little as a few weeks. Contact us.